Top court rules against data misuse
Feature | April 2022
The European Court of Justice has ruled that the general and indiscriminate retention of traffic and location data TO combat serious crime is prohibited by EU law.
One in three companies ‘victims of cyberattack’
Case Study | April 2022
Study pinpoints dire state of European cyberthreats
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Information security improvement – how is it done?
Opinion | April 2022
It's all in the mindset, says Paul Harris, managing director at Pentest Limited
The HEAT is on
Industry Focus | April 2022
Menlo Security identifies surge in cyberthreats, termed Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT)
UK facing ‘significantly increasing cybersecurity threats’
News | April 2022
UK government outlines approach to a cyber resilient public sector
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Return to the office sparks many dangers
Events | April 2022
Reconnecting devices to the corporate network increases cybersecurity risks
Hornetsecurity 365 Total Protection
Feature | April 2022
The concerted move to home and hybrid working practices has seen cloud services uptake soar and none more so than Microsoft 365
IT equipment junked prematurely
Feature | April 2022
Many UK businesses are dumping their devices before they reach the end of their working life
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Logjam of concerns
Feature | April 2022
Log4shell is a critical vulnerability in the logging tool Log4j. The fear is that, some months on, the threat remains
Virtual world, real danger
News | April 2022
The metaverse is a virtual reality world characterised by a 3D multi-sensory experience – and also many dangers
The MSP attack target
News | April 2022
Managed services providers are quickly overtaking their customers as a primary target, according to research recently released
Awards | April 2022
December 2021 was a truly momentous month for all involved in the Computing Security Awards - we were 'back in the room' with a live gathering at a London hotel to celebrate the occasion. Below, we relive more of those magic moments when the winners were revealed:
Identity and Access Management Solution of the Year
Awards | April 2022
Winner: SecurEnvoy - SecureIdentity Identity and Access Management
Runner-up: Pulse Secure - Pulse Connect Secure
Anti Phishing Solution of the Year
Awards | April 2022
Winner: Metacompliance - MetaPhish
Runner-up: Libraesva - PhishBrain
Cloud-Delivered Security Solution of the Year
Awards | April 2022
Winner: Swivel Secure - AuthControl MSP Cloud
Runner-up: Edgescan - Vulnerability Management Suite Platform
New Cloud-Delivered Security Solution of the Year
Awards | April 2022
Winner: Kroll - Kroll Responder
Runner-up: HornetSecurity - 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup

Welcome to the April 2022 issue of your Computing Security Newsletter.

You will have seen from recent issues of the magazine that the menace which is ransomware has taken a global grip that goes far beyond anything envisaged when it first surfaced.

Last year, for instance, saw ransomware gangs turn their operations into big business with the emergence of Ransomware-as-a-Service.

Ransomware attacks have spiked for a few reasons, states global media company Forbes. “First, the availability of international cloud infrastructure has grown exponentially, providing crime gangs from across the globe with scalable and standardized environments that can be accessed from anywhere. This makes it possible for them to easily attack organisations within the United States and other countries using sophisticated cybersecurity programs-with little fear of extradition.”

According to Bitdefender, the top 10 most used ransomware families include WannaCry, GrandCrab and REvil, among others. The UK is in the top 10 countries impacted, while the worst affected include the US, Brazil and Iran. The most affected industries include education, with a third of ransomware attacks targeting those institutions, government (25%) and telecoms (22%).

Expect the level of attacks to grow as 2022 advances, with many organisations that have not taken sufficient protective measures subject to increasingly catastrophic outcomes.

Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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