The 2022 Computing Security Awards took place at a gala event in London on Thursday, 13 October, 2022, and what a night of triumphs and celebrations it was for all involved. Now we can bring you all of the winners, in all the categories. Just click on this link to the CS 2022 Awards results and see who took the various accolades on the night.

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A wing and a prayer?
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Changing the game
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To trust or not to trust - that is the question
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Bigger 'phish' to fry!
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IOT - Instruments of threat?
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Welcome to the (third) party!
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Employees are 'not the enemy'
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Gatewatcher AIONIQ
Product Reviews | October 2022
As cyber-attacks increase in magnitude and sophistication, organisations of all sizes can no longer afford to constantly play catch-up. They need to stay...
Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity: R&S Browser in the Box
Product Reviews | October 2022
Cybercriminals are becoming ever more innovative with their attack vectors, but one of the weakest points inside any organisation's defence perimeter...

Welcome to the October 2022 issue of your Computing Security Newsletter.

Half (49%) of respondents to a recent Twitter poll - carried out by Osirium Technologies - described their organisation's endpoint management security as 'non-existent'. Some 11%)= admitted it was their lowest priority.

Of those that have implemented or are in the process of implementing an endpoint security strategy, just 16% described themselves as 'all over it', while a quarter (24%) said it was a work in progress. When asked about the main factors driving their organisation's need for endpoint security, protecting business data (35%) and avoiding employee error (25%) came out on top. However, for one fifth of respondents (21%) was simply 'a tick-box exercise'.

As Osirium is quick to point out, endpoint management allows IT teams to identify, monitor and control end-users' access to corporate networks and systems. "This protects data from being exposed to a breach through employee mistakes that allow malware or ransomware to be installed, for example, and the abuse of local admin accounts by cyber-attackers." It also adds a layer of protection, if devices lack the necessary security tools or configurations to defend against attacks.

In light of the findings above, it might be wise for more organisations to rethink their strategies around endpoint management and how to keep themselves protected. Failure to do so could come at a very high price.

Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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