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What to do when things turn inside out
Opinion | June 2023
How do hackers get inside an organisation's defences? Is it carelessness that opens the gates...
Soaring cybercrime and fraud prompt rebrand
Strategy | June 2023
Scotland's leading business resilience organisation has changed its name to reflect a rising...
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Race is on for top SME honours
Special Focus | June 2023
The Department of Science, Information and Technology (DSIT) , in partnership with...
Cyber threats are hitting business leaders hard
Research | June 2023
Cyberattacks are growing increasingly sophisticated, with 97% of companies being targeted...
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From hard-bitten to a bit softer ransoms?
Security Update | June 2023
It has emerged that HardBit ransomware operators want to work with victims to negotiate a...
Solution targets student safety
News | June 2023
Jamf Safe Internet, said to be a comprehensive content filtering and web security solution...
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Many decision makers share false expectations over cloud safety
News | June 2023
Some 27% of IT decision makers in the UK falsely believe cloud providers are responsible...
Known vulnerabilities pose greatest threat
News | June 2023
Threat actors continue to find success with known and proven exploitable vulnerabilities...
ID cards: 'backdoor to data' fear
News | June 2023
Former Labour prime minister Tony Blair and Conservative leader William Hague have called...
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Computing Security Awards: winners all the way!
Awards | June 2023
The Computing Security Awards 2022 again proved what an enormous wealth of talent exists right across our industry. As we start to move towards the 2023 awards, below we look back at more of those who triumphed on the night:
Awards | June 2023
WINNER: AT&T Cybersecurity
RUNNER-UP: Webroot
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Awards | June 2023
WINNER: Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity – R&S Web Application Firewall
RUNNER-UP: Neustar - Neustar ULTRA WAF
Awards | June 2023
WINNER: Metacompliance
RUNNER-UP: VIPRE Security Group - Inspired eLearning
Awards | June 2023
WINNER: Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity - R&S®SITLine ETH
RUNNER UP: Gatewatcher - AionIQ
Awards | June 2023
WINNER: Arcserve - Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series RUNNER UP: Kingston Technologies - Kingston Ironkey Locker+ 50 USB Flash Drive

Welcome to the June 2023 issue of your Computing Security Newsletter.

The UK government has reintroduced new GDPR legislation, which it claims will save businesses and charities as much as £4.7bn over the coming decade, while bolstering data protection and privacy.

Edward Machin, a senior lawyer in Ropes & Gray's data, privacy & cybersecurity practice, feels some of the proposals – those around scientific research in particular – will come to be seen as an improvement on the status quo."The things that critics of the previous Bill focused on – removal of data protection officers, broadening of consent and restricting individual rights – have remained. That will be music to the ears of some businesses, but those with European operations must now decide whether or not to maintain a single compliance standard across the EU and UK, which will reduce some of the compliance efficiencies they would have hoped to make."

While Machin believes a number of the proposed changes are sensible,it's telling he has concerns that cutting red tape for the sake of it could have unintended consequences. "Although no one is going to complain about a reduction in paperwork, removing the requirement for most businesses to maintain personal data inventories means they might struggle to understand how and where they hold data, which isn’t in anybody's benefit."

Brian Wall, Editor
Computing Security

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