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Free best practice E-learning courses

The Best Practice Hub - the construction industry's online platform for sharing best practice - has launched a series of free e-learning courses designed to help raise standards across the industry

Vectorworks 3D files in a browser

Vectorworks has entered a partnership with Modelo, creators of the software plug-in of the same name

CADENAS 3D CAD BIM library for Schiedel

Schiedel, one of the leading manufacturers for exhaust gas systems in new buildings, has chosen CADENAS' Electronic Product Catalog to improve its BIM area for tendered architecture projects, plant engineering etc

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Mobile workstation packs a punch

Eurocom is launching the Sky DLX7 Mobile Workstation

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Case Studies

In deep water

The Bentley SACS Offshore Structural Analysis and Design Solution helps the oil, gas and wind industries cope with the complex and demanding conditions of locating deep-sea structures

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Software Review

Bumps and Bounces

Renderworks, a Vectorworks add-on, has the capability to make any architect a rendering specialist, says David Chadwick

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Game on!

Autodesk has combined building design technology with their renowned game engine software - but it needed the services of the Cloud to do it

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Xara Designer Pro x365

Instead of handing your projects over to graphics designers to create publicity material, why not give it a go yourself, using Xara's Designer Pro X365

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Staying ahead of the game

Paul Daynes, Regional Director, UK and Northern Europe. Newforma discusses the status of the UK construction industry with David Chadwick

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Technology Focus

Things ain't what they used to be

David Angwin of Dell Cloud Client Computing explains how virtualisation empowers high-end graphics users

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Virtual Desktops

David Angwin of Dell Cloud Client Computing explains how virtualisation empowers high-end graphics users

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Disadvantaged – no way!
I am writing this half way through the Rio Paralympics, where we sit, once again, in second place on the table of medal winners, with China above us. Third place, at the moment is the Ukraine, with countries that you would expect to see jostling for position with us – trailing quite badly. The most amazing thing about these games – and London 2012 – is the joys of achievement that we are witnessing from people who have been pretty disadvantaged in normal life, and who have put so much effort into overcoming their disabilities.

After having mixed feelings about the recent referendum, and the vote to leave the EU – something I thought – still think – will be quite disruptive to many areas of life, and especially the construction industry, I believe that we have the right abilities, mental strengths, ambition and initiative to not only make the best of it – but to come out smiling on top. It’s those strengths that we are seeing in abundance in Rio.

It’s not just the strengths of the athletes, either – encompassing, as they do, such a variety of sports - as none of the success which has been achieved would have been possible without a bedrock of organisations, coaches, willing helpers and others. This country is not as divided as people make out, and we appear to like nothing better than to be in a situation where normal rules don’t apply and we have to rely on a bit of imagination and endeavour to succeed – and that applies to industry, as well as to sport.

David Chadwick

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