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White Frog goes revit with new course

White Frog has launched its new Revit for Landscape Architecture training course

Vectorworks Design Scholarship 2016

Vectorworks has announced the third annual Vectorworks Design Scholarship

Trimble Tekla Campus rises to the top

Trimble’s Tekla Campus structural modelling software has scooped an award for education at the RISE Awards 2016, with judges praising Trimble for addressing the skills shortage in the construction sector

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Creaform announces Pipecheck 4.0

Creaform, the leading supplier of portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, is set to release Pipecheck version 4.0

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Calling out an engineer?

With Building Ops, Autodesk leverages the widespread use of iPhones to provide a total facilities maintenance management experience for owners, engineers - and even building occupants.

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The BIM Object Cookbook

Graphisoft has launched a new tool for ARCHICAD that enables users to create BIM objects to NBS BIM Object Standard

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Case Studies


Bentley's new OpenRoads ConceptStation integrates a number of applications in an easy-to-use, real-time concept design solution for civil infrastructure.

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Bluesky thinking

Bluesky don't just provide aerial surveys - they are an effective right arm for local and Government Planning agencies as well

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A new chapter

Students at a London Architectural institution desperately needed an upgrade on their over-complex flatbed scanning solution

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Printing 3D Buildings

The ability to construct buildings using 3D printing technologies will transform the way in which we will build in the future - providing greater creativity and more flexibility with less waste from lighter but sturdier structures

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A concept is an abstract idea – a plan or intention – that is rapidly becoming de rigueur for the construction industry. No longer do we rely on the expertise of the architect or the engineer to turn their ideas into physical structures, hoping that when the vision bumps into the realities of construction there are not too many glitches to overcome. Instead, we can explore a number of design and construction options before we cut the first sod, bringing in contractors, experts, consultants, owners and eventual users to give their twopenn’orth, thereby eliminating many of the errors and mismatches that bedevil construction projects.

With conceptual modelling well established in construction and town planning, we now turn to civil engineering – but with significant improvements. Instead of populating a landscape with Mass Models composed of dumb artifacts, we now have the technology to lay out intelligent concept designs in real-time, to change elements on the fly, and to supplement conceptual designs with life-like visualisations and animations, using Bentley’s recent offering, OpenRoads ConceptStation. As the software is underpinned with Bentley’s InRoads design tools, concepts conform to local civil engineering standards and norms, and the successful design can immediately be used to progress the concept to fruition and construction.

WYGIWYS - turned on its head! The OpenRoads ConceptStation can show lifelike cars, behaving naturally, at any time of day or night, along tree-lined roads that adhere to highway regulations, before construction starts, saving time, money, energy and resources.

David Chadwick

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