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Time to take control of your information

David Chadwick previews the Take Control Seminar on Information Management, to be held in association with Newforma on 1st November at the headquarters of the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE)

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Updates for AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition

Bentley Systems has announced that its most recent update of AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition now supports ASME B31J piping code document calculations

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Bringing CAD objects alive with Vive VR

Vive Studios, the virtual reality content development and publishing initiative from HTC VIVE and Sixense, a global leader in motion tracking and VR content, have launched MakeVR Pro

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Software Reviews

Twinmotion 2018

Twinmotion's award-winning 3D immersion software sets the scene for architects to create stunning animated models with the simplest of user interfaces

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Where's the risk?

Newforma's Project Center approach is a vital tool for mitigating information risk in projects - and is so flexible, easy to use and effective that one senior executive calls it 'A big bucket of fun!'

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Case Studies

The use of ICT in architecture

Graphisoft talks to its major Japanese client, Nekken Sekkei about innovation resulting from the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in architecture

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A complex process

Bentley's ProjectWise helped Soyuzhimpromproekt implement its BIM Strategy on Russia's first Methylchlorosilane production facility

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Event Focus

The view from the front

Andy Stanton from TfL provides a dose of reality about BIM deliverables from a building operator's point of view

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3D Repo drives VR innovation for TRL

3D Repo is creating 3D Virtual Reality visualisations to help simulate driverless vehicle routes as part of a £100 million government backed research project

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Dystopian or what?
George Orwell would have plenty to write about if he were alive today! His vision of a dystopian future in his novel 1984 has certainly captured or repelled the imagination of many since it was written in 1948. What would he have thought of a world were information is becoming the key factor in controlling the lives of millions, from covert surveillance to demographics. BIM is merely part of a larger scenario where the major issues – Brexit, politics, sustainability, urbanisation, the depletion of resources and technology – will use information to control development, urban environments and infrastructure for the benefit of its inhabitants in an increasingly unstable world.

Properly utilized, information brings transparency and efficiency to a building project. Mishandled, or wasted, it becomes a burden, or worse. The challenge lies in identifying which information is useful or relevant to a project and putting in place a solution that provides instant and pertinent access to that information. The Take Control seminar looks at the tools currently available for managing projects, processes and communications and highlights their strengths or limitations. It also examines how BIM fits into the wider administrative environment.

The growth of the Information Society proceeds apace, however, and wherever it can be used – it will be – with an increasing use of legislation to enforce it. The seminar will also take a ‘tongue in cheek’ look at how and why the construction industry will become a more strictly regulated environment. Whatever you do, don’t fall foul of one of the Oceania Party’s slogans in 1984 – Ignorance is Strength!

David Chadwick

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