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AEC Mechanical BIM Design Hardware Collaboration

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M3M India standardises with Asite

M3M India was looking for a long-term technology partner who could provide a fully integrated solution to automate processes across all aspects of its enterprise

New capabilities for AEC collection

Autodesk has announced a range of additions for AEC Collection subscribers

CADmouse goes wireless

3Dconnexion has extended its product range with the CadMouse Wireless

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Software Focus

Concrete steps

Autodesk enhances the precast concrete industry's off-site fabrication credentials with its Structural Precast Extension for Revit, explains Dan Peticila, Product Manager for Revit Cast in Place and Precast concrete

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Technology Focus

Getting to the point

3D scanning reaches the parts other technologies cannot reach - and at accuracies they can't match either

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Case Studies

Nuclear assets

Waldeck transforms the growth of its business by embracing BIM, assisted by MagiCAD software

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Cranes and other birds

Bentley software pilots the Sydney Airport Infrastructure Facilities Management System, managing assets both on and off the airfield

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Industry Focus

Industry 4.0

ArtSystems recently hosted a seminar for resellers of its MakerBot 3D printer range that highlighted the growing importance of the technology and how it fitted in with 'Industry 4.0' - the next industrial revolution

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There’s nothing artificial about intelligence.
Industry 4.0 appears to be rearing its head all over the place at the moment – the latest term used to describe the evolution of manufacturing and construction. In our desire to categorise everything so that we can understand trends a little better, we have decided to number four stages of evolution retrospectively, starting from the Industrial Revolution back in the 1780s. We have an article in this newsletter that describes it more completely.

Industry 4.0, of course, describes the digitization of the industry, and, furthermore, highlights the fact that the manufacturing and construction industries are coming together, sharing technologies, work processes, information – ‘commoditising’ the building industry, perhaps – with off-site manufacture, JIT building processes, data driven construction, ergonomics, analytics and so on. Enabling Industry 4.0 is the Internet of Things – the precursor for Smart Cities, where the wealth of information being harvested about every form of activity in the city is analysed, processed and enhanced using artificial intelligence to monitor, plan and control the way in which all of the different elements can interact seamlessly.

I wasn’t quite going there when I started this short piece, but now it’s on its way I have to continue. The end result of this is the quite logical conclusion – where Stephen Hawking has already trod – that AI driven computers must ultimately decide that cities will run much more efficiently without having to cater for their human inhabitants.

David Chadwick

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