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Event Preview

Invisible Superheroes

Explore the latest technologies and products that civil engineers are using to transform our future at ICE's Invisible Superheroes exhibition

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Causeway and CICM Collaborate To Demystify New Payment Practice Legislation

On the 17th of October, Causeway will be joining Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) CEO, Philip King, for a webinar that will demystify the impact of the latest payment practice legislation on businesses operating within the construction industry

Case Studies

Interserve improves site progress discipline across seven schools

In 2015 Interserve signed a joint venture deal to build seven new schools for students in Hertfordshire, Luton and Reading. The £135m project now delivers 8,900 student places, of which 900 were newly created through the new build Priority Schools Building Programme

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Can machine learning turn industrial robots into masters of assembly and construction? Raymond Deplazes at Autodesk's AI Lab gets down with the rugrats and their Lego bricks

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Software Reviews

Bridging a gap in the market

Designing complex bridges is substantially simplified using the parametric capabilities of Allplan Bridge

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In truth, Verity

ClearEdge3D's construction verification software, Verity, uses point clouds to automatically compare as-built data with design and fabrication models - with 100% verification in the time it used to take to do just 5%

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Hardware Review

Microsoft Surface Book 2

The Microsoft Surface Book 2's stylish design belies its strength and agility for construction professionals

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Design Checking
There's a lot of interest at the moment in design checking – seeing if what is being built tallies with the architect’s intentions. Catching any deviations from the model can save a lot of money, extra work and heartache, and the earlier you can do it, the better.

It's a time-consuming task, though, and one that will increasingly be automated – so it’s interesting to see a technology enjoying a new lease of life as a construction verification tool. 3D laser scanning, with its ability to produce dense point clouds of 3D data, was in the forefront of reality capturing devices capable of producing highly accurate models of existing structures and topology, but the devices were expensive, software conversion technology to create solid models out of the point clouds in its infancy and dedicated survey teams were required to run them.

That's all changed. The 3D scanners and their operation are much more affordable, and the 3D imagery they can produce is now capable of being compared with the solid information in the architect's 3D model. The high accuracy remains the same, which means that side by side comparisons will show up any misalignment Of detail.

That's putting it simply. ClearEdge’s Verity software does considerably more than that, with huge savings in time and effort - a quoted 100% check of a building in the time it usually takes to do a 5% check.

David Chadwick

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