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Futureproofing information

Andy Hudson, Director of global architects Chapman Taylor, explains to David Chadwick why the company is transitioning to Atvero's SharePoint-based PIM solution

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Software Review

Unreal designs

Epic Games' Unreal Engine gives Twinmotion its ability to handle rendering on the fly

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Solibri Anywhere

Solibri, the construction industry's model checker of choice, is now available for a wider range of users. Here, Solibri MD Andrew Bellerby outlines its capabilities and where it fits into the market

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Bluesky maps tree canopy cover

Treeconomics, a specialist in the use of trees to improve urban spaces, is taking advantage of a digital record of over 300 million trees created by aerial mapping company Bluesky

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Sharing 3D Measurements Online

Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, has announced BLK3D Web, an online collaboration workflow that extends the Leica BLK3D Imager by enabling users to share 3D measurable images with anyone, anywhere online

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Anytime, anywhere cloud collaboration

Autodesk has expanded Autodesk BIM 360 Design, their fastest-growing cloud solution, to include Autodesk Civil 3D

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Technology Focus

Tradition or transition?

Excitech's Daryn Fitz continues his conversation with David Chadwick on the industry's move from CAD to BIM

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Laser Scanning for Facilities Management

Pointfuse automatically converts point cloud data into usable 3D models for asset management, using their SimpleBIM (sBIM) solution

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2020 Vision

It seems like years I have been waiting to use that title for a comment. Not going to waste the opportunity now. As someone who is fascinated by current tech advances and the changes it will bring to society, I was heartened to read in today’s Daily Telegraph, about George Freeman, Minister of Transport and Innovation, talking about the imminent launch of e-planes to commute between cities and given the pace of development these eight seaters will soon become 16, 24 and 36 seaters - and as their vtol capabilities are also being perfected, they won’t need the runways and infrastructure that regional airports have. It’s not hard seeing which way the wind is blowing and we wrote about it here, some months ago.

That makes Heathrow runway 3 somewhat less than compelling, especially as it would need a lifecycle of some 50 years to make it viable and fossil fuel will, by then, be well and truly beyond the pale. Extrapolating on that issue a bit further, Mark Carney, the outgoing governor of the Bank of England has raised alarm bells about the obliteration of many peoples pensions if they are invested in oil based industries whose shares are subject to annihilation in the face of climate change and the flight from such technologies.

And there’s more! Become your own futurist and amuse yourself in the dawn of the 2020's by utilising your own 2020 vision. What have Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion stirred up? Where will the greatest population explosion be in this decade? Will we learn to use, or control, AI effectively? And for the construction industry - how will infrastructure develop to cope with multiple demographic changes?

David Chadwick

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