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AEC Mechanical BIM Design Hardware Collaboration
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How digital twin technology can help fight climate change
Feature | December 2021
Following on from COP26, Don MacLean, Founder of IES, which has been at the forefront of building performance and sustainability, shares his company's...
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A challenge for the future
Feature | December 2021
Bentley Education has introduced its Future Infrastructure Stars challenge for students embarking on a career in civil infrastructure design. On the shortlist...
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Eleco elects to repay furlough funds
News | December 2021
The Board of Eleco, the construction software specialist, made the decision this year to pay back furloughed funds that qualified for repayment in all its regions.
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Enhanced drone survey data insights
News | December 2021
With the goal of giving surveyors a better understanding of the topographic data captured by drone mapping sensors, Virtual Surveyor has unveiled...
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Tackling climate change with innovation
News | December 2021
The National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) and partners on the Climate Resilience Demonstrator (CReDo) have released a short film, Tomorrow Today...
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Building resilience
Technology Focus | December 2021
COP26 has focused minds once again on the global environmental crisis. Chris LeBoeuf, Senior Director, ABS Group, explains how and why we need to meet...
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Big ideas for tiny homes
Case Study | December 2021
Two people, one van and a giant ambition, made real through the power of technology. Discover how Vectorworks brought this tiny home on wheels to life
Archicad 25 Update 2
Software Review | December 2021
Archicad 25 was only released in the summer, but Graphisoft is already supporting it with new features - and there are more on the way
End-to-end CDEs
Software Review | December 2021
Data validation is a vital component for a successful AIM CDE, according to Glider
The 2021 Hammers Awards winners have arrived!
Awards | December 2021
The 16th annual Construction Computing Awards took place in November in London, and everyone who attended was clearly enjoying once again meeting up with...

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'Are we there, yet?'

Taking your kids to the seaside is a useful exercise as it prepares them for the realities of life – the gap between expectations and ernest endeavours – so the response from one quarter to COP26 was not entirely unexpected. It is not possible to point to any concrete successes, except the use of the occasion to highlight both the outcomes from not achieving net-zero carbon or reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The effect that this will have on countries on the margin, and the difficulty of meeting the targets was starkly outlined by Khadeeja Naseem, Minister of State for Environment of the Maldives who foresees the country disappearing under the Indian Ocean, and India itself, whose commitment to reach Net-zero carbon was optimistically scheduled for 2070.

The aim is, of course, to hold back the rise in global temperature to just 1.5C by the end of the century, which, if we can manage it, will hold back the worst effects of climate change. A couple of things did stand out, though – the previous lack of richer nations raising their $100Bn annual climate funding to assist vulnerable countries, and the watering down of the need to ‘move beyond coal’ because of its predominance in the industries India, China and the US. The two latter countries, though, did sign an agreement to work together on tackling climate change.

If we carry on as we are, best estimates are that we will see a 2.5C to 2.7C increase by 2100. If we stick to the promises made at COP26 we could achieve, perhaps, 1.9C and with India’s help, shave another 0.2C off that. The Global Methane Pledge (40% responsible for global warming) and the accelerated coal phase-out would give us an extra 0.1C.

Call it salami slicing if you will, but every contribution helps, and the statistics around the construction highlight the contribution of the built environment to the problem and also the steps that we can take to mitigate some of it. Hence our thanks to three contributors to this newsletter that address the problem.

David Chadwick

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