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AEC Mechanical BIM Design Hardware Collaboration
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Late payments: what's the real impact and how can you tackle it?
Feature | June 2022
David Chadwick looks at the challenge of late payments within the construction industry, with reference to a blog post by Carol Massay, Head of Access...
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Counting the cost of carbon
Feature | June 2022
The Vectorworks Embodied Carbon Calculator (VECC) has been designed to help architects and engineers reduce carbon emissions on their projects
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Heritage skills training to mark jubilee
News | June 2022
The Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Commonwealth Heritage Skills Training Programme - the largest ever Commonwealth heritage project - has been...
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NBS finds green future stuck on amber
News | June 2022
NBS recently surveyed over 600 construction professionals on the sustainability of building projects in recent years.
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New Energy Performance Data for XMAP
News | June 2022
XMAP, the municipal GIS, now includes ratings of property energy performance to help local authorities tackle climate change, improve housing standards and...
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A Digital Twin Command Centre
Case Study | June 2022
IES have been working with Orkney Islands Council to create a bespoke Digital Twin Command Centre to help optimise operational performance, energy...
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Ahead in the cloud
Technology Focus | June 2022
May Winfield, Global Director of Commercial, Legal and Digital Risks, Buro Happold discusses the conundrum between ownership and risk when using...
AI-assisted BIM
Software Review | June 2022
BricsCAD Ultimate uses AI to automatically produce LOD 200 BIM from concept massing models

Latest Issue


Late Payments and Environmental Issues

The UK Government appears to be concerned about the rise in late payments within the industry. This comes amidst speculation that the situation is only going to get significantly worse, as Main Contractors start to feel the impact of increased costs – and there are more challenges still to come.

Late payments have been endemic within the industry for years, ever since construction companies decided that they were quite happy to provide the money as long as someone else had the responsibility for delivering the project, on time and on budget. Having previously employed direct labour and owned their own plant, they have shifted such liabilities off their balance sheet to the Main Contractor, together with the need to keep their equipment and labour force fully occupied. The consequences have been all too predictable throughout the extended and complex supply chain - from the use of retentions to withhold cash for work not completed satisfactorily, to cash flow issues colliding with resource and material shortages. The Access Group’s integration of Experian into their construction management software is designed to introduce a degree of late payment risk mitigation within the industry, and is featured in this issue of the newsletter.

Having been put on a back-burner (so to speak) since February, environmental issues are now back on the agenda too, and we have two articles this month that focus on construction and building performance. Vectorworks has introduced a spreadsheet, the Vectorworks Embodied Carbon Calculator (VECC) that calculates carbon emissions in architect’s designs, enabling them to optimise the carbon content of materials from manufacture and transportation to disposal or otherwise. Elsewhere IES has helped the Orkney Islands Council to turn one of their iconic granite buildings into a Digital Twin Command Centre, housing a Building Management System (BMS) to gather data from an initial 7 buiildings within their portfolio. These include heat meters, oil and electricity meters, plus indoor and outdoor temperature sensors. Gathering such data, along with wind directions and speeds, allows them to identify areas of overheating and to make savings across energy, cost and carbon emissions. It could prove a timely innovation for us all.

David Chadwick

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