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AEC Mechanical BIM Design Hardware Collaboration
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Visualising carbon
Feature | September 2022
3D Repo provides an API that allows designers to view embodied carbon within the building components and methods of construction in their 3D models
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Curbs without limits
Software Review | September 2022
The one-stop garden design solution, Vectorworks Landmark, has been a crucial factor in enabling Curbs Studio to win projects
Enscape realtime rendering now on MAC
News | September 2022
Enscape's popular real-time rendering software is now available for the Mac platform. Following a successful open beta, Enscape for Mac is now shipping...
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Nemetschek group invests in Symterra
News | September 2022
The Nemetschek Group has invested in the UK-based start-up SymTerra, a construction site communications platform. SymTerra’s communication...
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Keep in synch with construction cloud
News | September 2022
Cloud-based distributed document management system BIM SyncShare now integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud, a portfolio of software and services...
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Essential cyber credentials for Glider
News | September 2022
Glider has received its Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Following the renewal of its IS0 27001, and the attainment of its Cyber Essentials certificate...
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ASICs in the city
Technology Focus | September 2022
Richard Mount, Director of Sales at ASIC design and supply company Swindon Silicon Systems, looks at the role of ASICs, or smart sensors, in the...
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Get Smart
Technology Focus | September 2022
Matthew Margetts, Director of Sales and Marketing of Smarter Technologies Group explains why you can't ignore building data management
Expanding horizons
Technology Focus | September 2022
David Chadwick looks at the key drivers for success that Access Construction believe construction companies should now be looking at
Studio Bark
Case Study | September 2022
Studio Bark is the nucleus of a group of architects actively promoting the eco-design of construction projects, including embodied carbon analysis and...

Latest Issue


Zero Carbon or Zero Bank Balance

The battle to reduce carbon emissions has taken a back seat whilst we figure out how we are going to cope with hugely expensive energy bills. It all seems a bit introspective as we balance the well-being of our domestic households and small businesses like pubs, restaurants, hotels etc., as they face astronomical costs to keep themselves open and sod the rest of the world as they battle war, floods, drought, food shortages and more.

Like every other crisis or turning point in history, we are going to have to adapt to a massive shift in geo-political and cultural revolution to cope with changing circumstances - and, no, I am not advising we line up behind Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil and other organisations who are happy to stir up unrest without, like the rest of us, having the slightest clue how to go about solving the crises, but to take advantage of the technologies we have spent the last couple of centuries developing.

We've got a couple of articles here that do just that, providing the intelligence we need to start to reverse the trend. After the agricultural age, industrial age, and the digital eras, we are now in the Information era. We can now amass mountains of information about our lives, environment, cities, infrastructure and the cost to ourselves, and the planet, in what we consume, manufacture and waste - and only by analysing the data we collect can we hope to mitigate the effects of increasing populations, mass urbanisation, shifting populations and rising social tensions - and reliably forecast where it is all taking us.

The Construction Industry is at the heart of all of this. We need to know what our buildings and our energy needs cost before we can effectively make plans to reduce them - both carbon-wise and cash-wise. We also need to cope better with our personal comforts - Would you put on an extra jumper in the winter to ensure the survival of a family in the Third World?

David Chadwick

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