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AEC Mechanical BIM Design Hardware Collaboration
Striking success at The Hammers 2022!
Awards | December 2022
The 2022 Construction Computing Awards were held on November 10th - as was another tube strike, unfortunately. Despite the rotten...
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The Year in Infrastructure
Feature | December 2022
Bentley's 2022 Year in Infrastructure conference expanded the company's digital twin vision by introducing new features for the iTwin...
A vessel for change
Feature | Decmeber 2022
How Powerhouse Company created the unique, sustainable Floating Office Rotterdam
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Folkestone college students go on site
News | December 2022
A group of students from Folkestone College have been granted an in-depth view of work being undertaken at Leas Pavilion that will see it...
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Spacewell Helps to Tackle Energy Crisis
News | December 2022
The Nemetschek Group is responding to the energy crisis with the Spacewell Energy solution (Dexma), enabling the energy-efficient operation of facilities and helping...
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Energy crisis impacts sustainability plans
News | December 2022
Almost eight in ten (79%) IT decision makers state that the energy crisis has created concern for their future sustainability strategy, according...
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Faro acquires lidar specialist sitescape
News | December 2022
Faro has acquired SiteScape, an innovator in LiDAR 3D scanning software solutions for the AEC and O&M markets.
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Build Better
Exhibitions | December 2022
Futurebuild is back in 2023 for its most important year ever
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Tackling the skills shortage
Technology Focus | December 2022
Can the current shortage of skilled construction workers be alleviated by greater usage of digital technologies?
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Building a better future for Dublin's students
Technology Focus | December 2022
The skills shortage in construction is a global issue, but companies like Topcon are working to address the imbalance by supplying surveying...
Where next for BIM?
Technology Focus | December 2022
AmutriSteve Jackson, Technical Manager at Trimble, and Sam Hough, Business Manager at BuildingPoint UK & Ireland explore the value that...

Latest Issue


A High-tech Industry

At the risk of repeating myself from last year around this time, it's time to focus on the strange anomaly of a construction industry rapidly going digital and employing the latest technology to meet a number of huge challenges that affect the lives of everybody, from climate change, material shortages, to the rising cost of living and so on, yet remains one of the most unpopular career prospects for a youth immersed in the whole panoply of computer technology, who live virtual lives on social platforms, orwhodevote themselves to the latest political cause in an attempt to 'change the world'.

There are more older construction workers leaving the profession than youngsters taking their places, exacerbated by the flight of workers from Europe. The construction industry is even more unpopular in ethnic communities, who represent a very small percentage of the total workforce, although the numbers of women entering the profession is rising slightly – with a number of factors to thank for that, and not least the energetic efforts of leading women already in the profession.

In this issue, both Autodesk and Topcon outline their responses to the issue, which basically entailsexplaining to potential newcomers how the construction industry is evolving, using digital technology to automate and refine working processes, and attempting to meet and conquer the challenges that will improve their lives, and those of their compatriots.

We've got Futurebuild coming round again in few short months, as well, providing an ideal opportunity for contractors to work with students in their local catchment areas and to promote visits to the show. It's the biggest showpiece on the industry, andshould be the springboard for a whole new generation of digital builder.

David Chadwick

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