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AEC Mechanical BIM Design Hardware Collaboration
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Keeping asset management data on track
Feature | March 2023
The UK's Light Rail system aims for digital adoption to manage its current and future linear assets
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Symetri partners with one click LCA
News | March 2023
Symetri has announced a new partnership with leading construction Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)...
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APSCO report drop in job applicants
News | February 2023
Skills shortages and the cost-of-living crisis have driven salaries up across construction, despite...
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XBIM wins define hackathon event
News | March 2023
Xbim, a developer of BIM software services and platforms for the construction sector, has been...
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Stronger together with glider
News | March 2023
Information Management software specialist, Glider, is sponsoring the Stronger Together charity...
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Fast-tracking design and build
Case Study | March 2023
Oktra brings digital transformation to the fast-paced world of design and build using Autodesk...
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A building performance makeover
Case Study | March 2023
Monitoring Based Commissioning uncovers significant energy, carbon and cost savings...
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Teaching old dogs new IT tricks
Technology Focus | March 2023
Melvin Keyani, a Director and Researcher at Digital Management Systems, suggests how...
The Atom
Hardware Review | March 2023
David Mitchell, CEO and Founder of XYZ Reality, explains the concept behind Engineering-Grade...

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Where are we going?

HS2 appears to be taking a bit of a battering this week, as the costs continue to escalate against a faltering economy and rising cost of living. It's a shame for a number of reasons. In this country few people (and I suppose journalists must figure at the front of the queue) are prepared to take the long term view. If we apportioned the cost of developing the whole of the UK's railway network in the 19th and early 20th century at today's value, it would surely exceed the latest estimates for HS2.

It might only represent a small fraction of the original network, but it creates a high speed link between the North and South which will surely be expanded, frees up clogged Midlands and Northern lines used by freight and local commuters and encourages greater investment in these areas to relieve the congested predominance of London and the South East. The same dogged perseverance by the Government, however, should be shown to the ailing Northern Powerhouse projects and the arterial connections that could be opened up from regional HS2 hubs.

Another forceful argument for HS2 is the evolution of the workplace and the mandated move towards EVs - on the roads and on-track. Unless there is a dramatic movement in the cost of such vehicles and greater access to charging facilities, the majority of motorists will be priced off the roads. Those who can will work from home, those who can't will seek employment locally and rely more frequently on public transport to get about - and shop on-line, relying on driverless vehicles from Amazon, Ocado etc., to deliver the bulk of their shopping.

The fly-in-the-ointment, of course, is the cost of the whole enterprise. Were it to be completed and ready to run, the appropriate union would stall its operation by demanding a salary scale for the hi-speed drivers commensurate with their newly-minted role and their ability to hold the Government and the public to ransom.

There are good signs for public transport, one of them being the lead article in this newsletter about Sheffield Tram, one of the city-based transport systems revitalising city centres, and here, in a rural area, the cutting of fares to encourage greater use of local buses and the recruitment of a large number of young drivers to cope with an expansion of the network. Take a wider view and adapt to a changing landscape.

David Chadwick

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