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Recognition Hardware Software Strategy

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People and paper: the well-intentioned threat of data protection and privacy

Gavin Siggers, Director of Professional Services at Iron Mountain, examines some of the data and information management issues surrounding the European Commission's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is due to come into force in 2018

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Dark matters

Businesses need to develop the ability to identify and efficiently manage information throughout its lifecycle to avoid the consequences of Dark Data, argues Julian Cook, Director of UK Business, M-Files

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New and improved

As CCube Solutions announces a major new release of its EDMS software, DM Magazine Editor David Tyler catches up with the company's MD, Vijay Magon, to discuss mobile capability, faster implementations and simpler support, as well as a new partnership with service provider Restore


Double figures

November 2016 sees the return of the DM Awards, and attaining our tenth birthday means we are reaching out to the industry as never before

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PDF workflows made easy

New release of Nuance software

Personnel services

Nasdaq Technology Centre uses DocLogix for more efficient management of HR processes

Reckon partners with MyFirmsApp

Making accountant/client communication easier

Called to account

95% of organisations still doing AP manually

Case Study

Message in a bottle

The ability to consistently deliver high quality recognition results - especially in low light environments - was key to the success of one mobile app's integration of OCR technologies

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White Paper

Drive financial visibility and decision-making

Financial decision-making is a balancing act: in this new white paper from Bottomline Technologies, share industry and peer insights and find out how Accounts Payable automation can deliver strategic visibility benefits

The Missing Link Between Accounts Receivable and Better Cash Flow

Nearly 60% of senior receivables and treasury managers surveyed by Aite Group are less than fully satisfied with the company’s accounts receivables and cash application processes

DM Awards 2015

Last year's award ceremony in London on October 22nd was our biggest and best yet, with hundreds of the industry's movers and shakers in attendance. Voting numbers were up yet again, and over 25 winners celebrated into the night. We'll be focusing on some of the big winners in our next e-newsletter, but to see the full list of winners and runners-up right now, visit www.dmawards.com

Accounts Payable/Invoicing Product of the Year

WINNER: ITESOFT - FreeMind For Invoices
RUNNER UP: Bottomline Technologies - Transform Accounts Payable EDRM

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Workflow/BPM Product of the Year

WINNER: EASY Software - EASY Documents
RUNNER UP: CCcube Solutions - CCube Workflow

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Document Manager Resource Guide (DMRG)

About the DMRG

The Document Manager Resource Guide aims to bring you the information you need, in the format of most use to you. Whether you are comparing hardware suppliers, sourcing relevant resellers, or looking for a new system development, this online directory offers the most comprehensive resource available for this market. Click here to find out more

Fujitsu (PFU)

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited: Operating in Europe / Middle East / Africa, PFU Imaging Solutions a subsidiary of Fujitsu are a market leading provider of document image scanners for personal, professional desktop, workgroup, departmental and high volume production environments. .


Generis provides cutting edge software for content management on Documentum, Alfresco, Oracle WebCenter or our own platform - offering a highly user-friendly, personalisable, fast and configurable user interface and configuration toolsuite,designed to help you meet any business use case in a matter of hours or day, instead of weeks or months.

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This issue of our Document Manager eNewsletter includes a thought-provoking piece from Iron Mountain’s Gavin Siggers looking at the potential impact on IT strategy of the upcoming European Commission’s GDPR regulations. Anyone who was thinking that the recent Brexit vote might mean that this was no longer an issue – think again. Any businesses wanting to carry on dealing with EU-based clients or users will almost definitely still have to demonstrate compliance with the regulations. As Siggers explains: “The new rules, which will come into force in early 2018, represent the greatest change to data protection legislation since the dawn of the Internet. They will affect any organisation across the world that handles data of European origin.” So don't say you haven’t been warned - ignore the GDPR at your peril.

And lastly, a quick reminder please to get your nominations in for this year's DM Awards as mentioned in our last eNewsletter: go to www.dmawards.com to make your voice heard. There are still a number of sponsorship opportunities available to businesses in the industry who want to exploit this unique coming together of the industry's best and brightest - if you're interested, please contact my colleague David Hammond at david.hammond@btc.co.uk

David Tyler


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