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The right tool for the job

Rokas Radziunas is Process Improvement Manager at Canadian oil industry manufacturer Triple D Bending. Here he shares his personal experiences of the ups and downs of selecting a document management system for the first time

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Quality time

Quality Management looks set to be an ever more integral part of mainstream business activity with the latest revisions to the ISO 9001 standard, says Nick Berzins, General Manager, FileExpert Document Management

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Paper and digital - in perfect harmony

Truly great customer service needs to cover both paper-based and digital information, argues Tim Brosnihan of Canon Europe

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Occupational hazard

Document Management can address employee fraud - and even stop you paying the same bill twice, says EASY Software's Howard Frear, as he discusses how modern digital paper disciplines can help protect against fraud as well as make your invoicing more effective

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New Falcon takes off

Enhanced production scanning workstation from OPEX

DSales continue to Develop

New ineo 226 MFP aimed at workgroups

Reporting for duty

New business monitoring tool for FlexiCapture users

New client for Docman

Islington CCG implements record sharing

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Getting scanning 'right first time'

Visioneer, probably best known in the UK as 'the company behind' the Xerox Scanners range, is stepping forward to take some limelight for itself with a new range of desktop scanners. DM Editor David Tyler spoke to Visioneer Senior VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Jim Tamo.

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DM Awards 2016

Our tenth annual awards ceremony, taking place for the first time at London's Grand Connaught Rooms, promises to be our most successful ceremony to date. Time is running out so don't forget to cast your vote at : www.dmawards.com.
This year we're delighted to welcome on board two first time sponsors, Midwich and Konica Minolta

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Document Manager Resource Guide (DMRG)

About the DMRG

The Document Manager Resource Guide aims to bring you the information you need, in the format of most use to you. Whether you are comparing hardware suppliers, sourcing relevant resellers, or looking for a new system development, this online directory offers the most comprehensive resource available for this market. Click here to find out more


Civica is a market leader specialist in digital solutions, critical software and outsourcing services, our solutions help streamline the delivery of integrated care, enhance patient outcomes and improve financial and workforce management for over 200 health and social care organisations in both public and private sectors in the UK


Northamber is the UK's largest distributor of document scanners and scanning software. Our partnerships include; Brother, Canon, Fujitsu, Iris, Kodak and Kofax. Northamber is the longest established independent trade-only distributor in the UK....

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This edition of our eNewsletter includes a very unusual contributed article - not from a vendor, but an end user, talking in alarmingly honest terms about the process that his business went through in selecting a DM supplier for the first time. The author, Rokas Radziunas, shares the sense of panic he felt when, tasked with investigating potential DM systems for his business, he began with a simple web search. 'Document and process management system' in Google returned almost half a million responses.

Rather than attempting to make sense of that sea of contradictory information and marketing blurb, Rokas did the most sensible thing possible: he left his computer and went back to looking at what his business actually did. By first properly analysing their needs, he was able to determine the likely requirements of the technology solution they would eventually deploy.

Interestingly, having narrowed down the field, he still found striking differences between supposedly similar offerings – but this time more around the company culture than the product: “I gave them specific questions and requested real-world examples of solutions… I also met DMS creators who simply presented the best option they had without asking anything. I did not select them, instead continuing my search among the other better options.” There are lessons to be learnt for our industry from this, I think you’d agree.

David Tyler


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