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A revolution in data storage

Two European Managers from Fujifilm Recording Media - Richard Alderson, Head of Recording Media in the UK and Ireland and Franca Stevan, Head of Recording Media in Italy - discuss the current state of play for tape technology

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Intel Security’s Raj Samani explains the growing importance of cyber threat intelligence sharing

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The risk of liberated data

As digital transformation plans advance new security gaps will appear, warns Jon Fielding at Apricorn

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Public sector facing a ‘Wild West’ GDPR future

ST2 Technology warns that organisations must take greater care when choosing GDPR compliance

IISP launches new cybersecurity Knowledge Framework

Institute of Information Security Professionals aim to provide a consistent view of cyber and information security

Education sector facing major DNS threats

New research finds that DNS-based attacks cost global organisations an average of over £1.7m in 2016 alone

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INE Network Emulator from iTrinegy

Organisations relying on application-based services for their operational existence need the INE emulation capability

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Natterbox advanced voice

Salesforce is undoubtedly one of the best CRM products available - and Natterbox makes it even better

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Closing the detection gap

The real-time detection of cyberattacks is about to get serious - and it's not optional, writes Matt Walmsley

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Bare metal: contained

Mark Baker at Canonical discusses robots, automation and the future of the server industry

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The hacker crowd

Hacking as a force for good? Jay Kaplan at Synack explains how hackers can help protect a nation

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Network Computing Awards 2017: The Winners!

The results of the 2017 Network Computing Awards were revealed at an evening ceremony at the Grand Connaught rooms earlier this year. Here we profile some of this year’s winners:

Security Product of the Year

Winner: Digital Pathways - nSuite
Runner-up: Check Point Software Technologies - vSEC Vitual edition

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SDN / NFV Product of the Year

Winner: Dell Networking - OpenDayLight SDN Controller
Runner-up: F5 Networks - BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager

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Hardware Product of the Year

Winner: Kemp Technologies - LM5600
Runner-up: Cradlepoint - CORIBR 1100

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Welcome to the September 2017 Newsletter.

It doesn’t seem so very long ago that the death knell was being sounded for tape as a storage medium. Fast forward to 2017 and, thanks to the advancement of technologies such as LTO (Linear Tape-Open) it seems as if tape is now very much here to stay.

In fact, rather than being supplanted by newer storage technologies such as flash, tape solutions such as LTO-7 cartridges, which can store up to 15TB of compressed data, can actually work perfectly well in tandem with them. As Spectra Logic point out in their `Digital Data Storage Outlook 2017’ review of the storage industry, “Having the greatest potential for capacity improvements, tape technology fills a market need as an inexpensive storage medium, at $.01 per gigabyte,” adding that “… a long-term scenario for tape is to coexist with flash technology.”

These findings are echoed in a recent article from the LTO Program, which outlines how SSD and LTO tape could prove to be a perfect storage pairing: “High-performance servers, laptops, desktops or any application that needs to deliver information in real-time or near real-time can benefit from SSD technology. Eventually though, this data needs secure, low-cost, long-term preservation - which is where LTO technology comes in.”

To this end we’re taking a detailed look at the current state of play in tape this month in the form of an in-depth interview with two of Fujifilm’s European Managers, Richard Alderson, Head of Recording Media in the UK and Ireland and Franca Stevan, Head of Recording Media in Italy. Richard and Franca guide us through the latest innovations in tape technology, its current position in the storage market, and its future prospects in light of the worldwide data explosion. With IDC predicting that the global creation of data between 2016 and 2025 will grow by a factor of 10 it’s becoming increasingly clear that we won’t be hitting ‘pause’ on tape storage any time soon.

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