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Why NetOps and automation can’t replace human expertise
Opinion | December 2021
Alan Stewart Brown at Opengear explains how NetOps and network automation enhance the value of network engineers
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Fluke Networks launches FiberLert, the first live fibre detector
News | December 2021
The pocket-sized tool allows anyone to perform basic tests on fibre and quickly identifies polarity issues and failed transceivers
Flame on! Is the human firewall the security hero we need right now?
News | December 2021
VIPRE's new whitepaper highlights the need to invest in a Human Firewall for the modern, hybrid work environment
Paessler launches new sensors to deliver better insights into server system health
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Paessler's PRTG Network Monitor can also now take data from the Redfish System Health sensor
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Awards | December 2021
The 2021 Network Computing Awards were held on October 21st at the Leonardo Royal London. Here we profile some of this year’s winners:
Awards | December 2021
Winner: Netreo
Runner up: NetAlly
Awards | December 2021
Winner: CloudCall
Runner up: 3CX
Awards | December 2021
Winner: ExaGrid
Runner up: Apricorn


As the year draws to a close and the UK Government’s Plan B comes into effect it seems that, for many of us, remote working and all things WFH won’t be halting any time soon. So how will this ongoing need for hybrid working affect our cybersecurity plans in 2022?

Ken Galvin, Senior Product Manager, KACE at Quest cautions that “Every device that can potentially connect to the company network or handles sensitive data is an entry point that organisations need to secure against. As we head into next year, we will continue to see a greater focus on this, with IT leaders looking to manage Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices by using a combination of both traditional and modern management solutions. Traditional endpoint management was challenging enough, but with the explosion of remote devices and the rapid adoption of the cloud this challenge has only intensified, and we are going to see IT departments looking for new ways and technologies that will allow them to securely manage endpoint devices.”

This is echoed by Didier Lesteven, COO at WALLIX, who says that “As we enter 2022, the hybrid workforce and accelerated digital transformation will remain as one of the largest cybersecurity threats for enterprises. Before the pandemic many organisations operated within a corporate office, whereas now most businesses are embracing a hybrid model of some kind. The workforce will not go back to what it was before, and new risks that have emerged because of remote working must be addressed by enterprises immediately.”

It seems clear that a hybrid working model will only be as effective as the people using and maintaining it – hence the new white paper from VIPRE featured in our news section which highlights the need for a ‘human firewall’ in organisations. “The key to a successful human firewall is changing the mindset of the human,” according to Andrea Babbs, UK General Manager, VIPRE. “With workforces now dispersed, it’s crucial that employees are fully trained and ready to act on security issues with the right tools at their disposal, instead of relying on IT support teams to assist them.”

The importance of the human element amidst all this automation is also highlighted in an article from Alan Stewart Brown, VP of EMEA, Opengear, on the rise of NetOps and what it means for network engineers. Alan’s article explains why NetOps isn’t about to supplant network engineering roles within businesses, and emphasises the importance of human expertise in the initial creation of successful automated processes. Merry Christmas and a Hybrid New Year? Only time will tell.

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