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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy
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Flash takes centre stage

Thomas Arenz of Samsung Semiconductor Europe predicts a future of flash-based data centres that exploit V-NAND and NVMe technologies

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Building better storage

Taiwan-based storage/server manufacturer AIC celebrates 20 years in business in 2016. Storage magazine caught up with the company's VP of Sales, David Huang, at Cloud Expo Europe

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Now with 65% more flash

New NAS appliance from Panasas

Fab news from Japan

Improved performance, capacity, interoperability

Seagate 'pushes data capacity boundaries'

New 2TB enterprise NVMe SSD

Hammer adds to portfolio

Distributing Huawei solutions in UK&I

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Case studies

Today's special: thin provisioning

The produce supplier behind numerous fast-food retail giants has gained performance and optimisation for its ERP systems, SQL databases and VMware environments using DataCore's SANsymphony

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Accelerating life sciences

Scientists at Public Health England are now able to access, analyse, and share large amounts of biological data quickly and effectively - and therefore potentially characterise major pathogens, which could prove pivotal in reducing major outbreaks and epidemics

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Storage Awards 2016

Our thirteenth awards ceremony in June was a resounding success yet again, reflecting the ongoing recognition of the value of the awards right across the industry. Click here to see the full list of winners


Welcome to our August 2016 e-newsletter.

This issue of the Storage magazine e-Newsletter includes a piece from Samsung Semiconductor’s Thomas Arenz that introduces yet another new technology in the flash/SSD arena. It seems like barely a month goes by without a new buzzword emerging as different vendors try to steal a march on the growing market for enterprise/data centre flash solutions.

Arenz’s article explains the thinking behind his company’s newest offering, 3D VNAND, which is claimed to provide a ten-fold improvement in longevity for read-intensive use and a five-fold increase for mixed use – which would address one of the main concerns of data centre managers regarding SSD deployment. Samsung is combining this innovation with the increasingly popular NVMe interface, which itself helps data centre flash fulfil its potential. Whichever approach eventually becomes a de facto standard, there can be little doubt that flash in the data centre is set to become a reality in more and more organisations as developments like 3D VNAND are more widely deployed.

David Tyler, Editor david.tyler@btc.co.uk

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