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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy


Tape measures

Jon Toigo of Iron Mountain asks whether tape storage could save us from the 'Zettabyte Apocalypse'

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Storage wars

How does Cloud storage really compare to more traditional physical storage? Kong Yang of SolarWinds explores the advantages and disadvantages of both, looking at how each can affect business processes and strategy

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Entry-level object storage from WDC

Scaling from 720 TB to 19 PB

Actifio goes Pure

New strategic partnership

High-performance NAS from Buffalo

From just £739 for the 2-bay desktop

HDS enhances flash line-up

'Accelerating flash transition'

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Case studies

Turbo-boosting financial data

Financial technology specialist Intelliflo has given its database engines a turbo boost including a 75% improvement in wait times and a 90% reduction in batch processing

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Keeping the customer satisfied

A simplified storage landscape has massively reduced purchase and ongoing costs for M&S, yet still delivered capacity and performance improvements

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Storage Awards 2016

Our thirteenth awards ceremony in June was a resounding success yet again, reflecting the ongoing recognition of the value of the awards right across the industry. Click here to see the full list of winners


Welcome to our November 2016 e-newsletter.

An opinion piece in this issue of the Storage magazine e-Newsletter looks in depth at the pros and cons of 'traditional' and cloud storage, from the perspective of business application requirements rather than technology feature comparisons. Kong Yang of Solarwinds suggests that there are three core issues to be considered: management & control, availability & latency, and cost savings. If you're trying to make a straight choice between on-premise and cloud storage, you will ultimately find yourself trying to find a balance that addresses all three concerns in a way that best suits your business needs.

As the article says: "Both solutions can support an organisation's application stack. So IT and the business need to decide on which criteria are the most important to their objectives. As long as businesses have a need for a range of storage availability, protection, services and compliance, both storage solutions will remain viable. IT professionals need to evaluate and understand the quality-of-service and compliance requirements of their applications in relation to the needs of the business before determining whether to keep their data on their grounds or up in the clouds."

A shorter article on the topic might have simply said: "Cloud or on-premise? It depends." There is, as Kong Yang concludes, no 'one-size fits all' approach that will work for every organisation.

David Tyler, Editor david.tyler@btc.co.uk

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