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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy

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Disaster zone?

New research from Barracuda Networks paints a worryingly disjointed picture of backup and disaster recovery strategies among organisations across Europe

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Product review

AccelStor neoSapphire H510

Enterprises suffering a storage crisis have a bewildering range of high-performance all-Flash arrays to choose from, but AccelStor's latest NeoSapphire H510 stands out from the crowd for many good reasons

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Infortrend announce new UK distribution agreement with Titan Data Solutions

This move is a significant stride in supporting Infortrend’s strategy to expand its presence in the EMEA region

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Toshiba adds new 12TB and 14TB helium-sealed models

New 14TB HDDs deliver up to 40% more capacity and lower power demands over current 10TB models

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Synology introduces RackStation RS1619xs+

1U rackmount flagship targets file collaboration and high-performance compute

New cloud data services from Pure

Helping customers innovate with Hybrid Cloud and AWS

World's largest HDD?

Seagate achieves 16TB capacity on internal HAMR test units

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Case study

The right tools for the job

Victorinox has found the optimal storage solution for its VDI environment: Pure Storage all-flash arrays impressed with their quick installation and ease of use, as well as their high performance, stability, and reliability in demanding work environments

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Storage Awards 2018 Winners

The Storage Awards 2018 Winners

A packed venue at the Tower Hotel saw the winners announced for the 2018 Storage Awards

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Welcome to the last edition of the Storage magazine eNewsletter for 2018. News announcements in this issue include two from the hard disk sector, as Seagate announces successful testing of its HAMR technology on a 16TB HDD - potentially the highest capacity hard drive ever built - and Toshiba extends its line of Performance and NAS drives to include 12TB and 14TB models. Seagate claim to be on target to produce 20TB HDDs during 2020, which would have seemed unachievable just a year or two ago.

Technologies like HAMR and Seagate’s helium-sealed HDDs are allowing drive manufacturers to keep pushing the envelope in terms of drive capacity, even as we as users continue to demand ever more storage space for our data. As IoT continues to grow - especially in industrial environments - we will see exponential increases in the volumes of data being produced by sensors and other automated devices attached to everyday objects, whether that be trains, retail warehouses or factory production lines.

At the same time we will also undoubtedly see continuing capacity improvements in SSD at one end of the storage spectrum, and tape at the other. The end is almost certainly NOT in sight.

David Tyler, Editor david.tyler@btc.co.uk

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