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Replication Virtualisation Hardware/Media Strategy
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Storage becomes critical for AI performance

In a recent blog post Wes Vaske, Principal Solutions Engineer at Micron, explained the growing importance of storage performance in today's AI and Machine Learning systems

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Where are you on the storage upgrade cycle?

There has never been a better time to upgrade your PC storage, argues Mark McCarter of Ortial

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New version release from Storpool

Improvements include data centre scale deployments and multi IT stack support

Insurgo expands tape offerings

Integrates eMag Solutions into services

Time for a ransomware reality check?

Research highlights the difference between perception and reality of ransomware attack recovery

SolarWinds launches SolarWinds Backup for Office 365

Providing 'cloud-first' data protection for Office 365 Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint

Object Matrix teach an object lesson

Two new business-focused NAS systems launched

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Case study

Keeping storage and backup in tune

Dublin's National Concert Hall has improved business continuity and efficiency since deploying solutions from StorageCraft

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Storage Awards 2019 Winners

The Storage Awards 2019 Winners

A packed evening saw the winners announced for the 2019 Storage Awards

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Welcome to the first Storage magazine eNewsletter of 2020, and perhaps - depending on what calendar interpretation you prefer - the first of a new decade! A fascinating feature below focuses on the growing importance of storage and memory considerations to AI and Machine Learning technologies. Wes Vaske of Micron was concerned at the apparent lack of emphasis on storage performance compared to compute performance when developing infrastructures capable of supporting AI/ML workloads. As GPUs have improved, so the impact on underlying storage has increased.

Vaske comments: “It kind of makes sense why we haven't been talking about storage performance when we talk about AI systems - it hasn't been necessary to do so until recently. Additionally, if the trend continues (and we have no reason to think that it won't) the future is going to rely on our ability to architect storage systems that can manage the requirements of the next-generation GPUs.”

As IT generally moves towards wider use of AI/ML systems in IoT and Smart Edge deployments, storage and memory are going to be seen as a crucial backbone for future-proof infrastructures.

David Tyler, Editor david.tyler@btc.co.uk

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