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NBS Plugin for Autodesk Revit

We take a look at the new NBS plugin for Revit and how it is helping users change the way they coordinate information across construction projects

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From Building Information Modelling to Facilities Management

Last year Excitech held a web seminar entitled "The BIM Imperative" which focussed on the importance of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the managers of buildings and other assets

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Building Studio

Building Studio uses Bentley software to deliver exceptional, large-scale projects with AECOsim Building Designer, ensuring design quality while maximising productivity

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Principles of Structural Analysis

Bentley Institute Press has announced \"Principles of Structural Analysis - Static and Dynamic Loads,\" the second book in a three-part series

UK winner of Vectorworks Design Scholarship announced

Computers Unlimited recently announced the UK winner of the Vectorworks Design Scholarship. Dan Sweeting from London Metropolitan University won the £2,000 bursary for an impressive, humorous and technically brilliant project based around the observation of tourist activity on the River Thames

Open standard for BIM objects in UK

The adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is set to be transformed by the introduction of the first standard specification for BIM objects by NBS)

Case Study

When shutdown is not an option

Oasys MassMotion, the crowd simulation application that plots the movement of thousands of individual ‘agents’ in high-volume traffic areas, has been used to keep Toronto’s Union Station moving during its recent massive refurbishment

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Software Review


Compliance, with its ever increasing levels of H&S and other regulations, is simplified with YellowJacket, an effective tool for increasing safety levels on site

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Top of the Class!

A couple of months ago the worldwide student design scholarship was run, hosted by Nemetschek, and developed round Vectorworks, the popular architectural suite of applications. Winners in each country, who each won a bursary to fund their ongoing education, were put forward for the grand finale in America. The UK winner, Daniel Sweeting put forward, in my view, an astounding entry that mixed technical expertise, off the wall thinking, and a good dollop of humour.

His entry, the Westminster River Thames Tourist Industry, envisaged a two chimneyed forge in the bit of green space to the West of the Houses of Parliament, on the bank of the Thames. He supported this with impeccable logic that encouraged the recycling of the decaying parts of the embankment to preserve it's industrial heritage for the future, and to shore up crumbling elements with unique application of recycled metals and modern plastics (lego bricks, anyone?).

Check out the Student Design Scholarship on the Vectorworks website, which gives a single page view of the structure or email me for the full PDF of his submission.

As one of the UK judges, I found Daniel's entry to be just one of many great submissions. We have some brilliant talent on their way up the chain, boding well for the future of architecture in this country – but nobody can rest on their laurels as a combination of modern technologies and materials, and the design freedom offered by the latest modelling software, are spurs to every young architects creativity and imagination.

David Chadwick

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